Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The X-Box Cake

Shad and Steven decided to enter a cake into the contest at church. It was hilarious. Kristie and I got a huge kick out of their planning and cooking. They were very gungho about the whole thing. On Sunday- at the last moment they did get a bit stressed but it was all worth it. They won best design and had a ton of fun. Here is how it turned out.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

First Halloween

The Zebra visited two trunk or treat events this year. She was very excited about the whole experience and looked darn cute. (I am bias, I know). We saw many other cuties as well and had a blast. We skipped the candy this year but she is already excited about next Halloween. :)

Playtime at the Park

Here is the Drew-man!
And the other "mans"
(Yeah-it was hard to get a picture of all of the kiddos)
The bully!
This is her face after the bully Abby attacked her!

When did she get so big?

Wowzers! She is getting so big- where have seven months gone.