Saturday, September 13, 2008

18 Months Old

I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! Abby is 18 Months old! This time with her has flown by. We naturally think she is the most adorable thing on the earth. She continues to become more verbal and active. Here are some updates on her.

At her 18month check up she weighed 26 lbs and measured in tall. She is saying so many words it is hard to remember but she learns a new one all the time. My favorites are the ones with emotion behind them- her favorite is NO. She loves her friends and families names and enjoys being reading books. She climbs and runs everywhere she goes. She is instant on picking out what she wears some mornings and likes to try to dress herself. She is a girly girl who loves playing tea party and wearing bows and other accessories. Abby tends to be a picky eater but a somewhat healthy one. She really likes "geen beans" and "mook" =milk. She is full of joy and always has a smile on her face. The doctor said that he could tell her great intelligence due to her verbal skills. Marianne (her sitter) tells me every day about the "amazing" things she does and how fun she is. (I can repeat that because I am that proud mom). She is constantly trying to figure things out and amazes us with what she does figure out. I am cherishing these last few months with our family of three.

Chancho Pennington

Christmas this year will look very different but a special surprise will make it even more sweet. It is true. Baby Pennington #2 is on his way! He should be here December 18th. I am just around 6 months pregnant and doing great. We purposely haven't made a big announcement for several reasons but it is now time. My belly is getting quite large. The baby is apparently the size of a corn cob. We know for sure that it is a boy(and we are super excited). I have (cross my fingers) stopped getting "morning sickness" (which by the way is the worst misnomer in the history of pregnancy for me). I stopped 4 weeks earlier than I did with Abby and haven't had to take Zofran in several days now- PRAISE THE LORD!! We do have a name- but we haven't nailed down the middle name yet. We will share when we do... For now, we will use one of Brian's suggestions and just call him Chancho. These are some of the sono pics that we got about a month or so ago. It is a picture of he head and torso. The picture at the bottom is a 3D picture that we just happened to get. If you get past the scariness of it then you can really make ot his face (up and down on the left). The other pics that, I didn't scan, show his boy parts, arms, legs, heart, brain, etc.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

San Antonio

Shad and I had the chance to get away this weekend to San Antonio. We didn't realize how nice it was until we actually did it. It wasn't anything fancy but it sure was wonderful. We didn't do much of anything except relax. (Shad has a TERRIBLE case of poison ivy from last weekend and my pregnant self loves to sleep these days, so we were just fine with nothing exciting.) On the way down I learned that Shad had never been to the Alamo before. I was floored. I could not believe it. What a disgrace!! He has even been to San Antonio before and never seen it- UGH! So- we had a short history lesson on the way down. He claims he is "from" OKC so he didn't have to know Texas history, but I disagree. For any of you who have lived in Texas for lets say more than 3 or so years.... get your self up to date on some Texas history and visit the Alamo! We spent some time shopping in San Marcos and had a great visit to Gruene. Shad had also never eaten at the Grist Mill. We both thoroughly enjoyed our evening there and bought Baby #2 some decor for the nursery at a local shop. (Those of you who have never been there should go also-- it is a Texas treasure and makes a GREAT weekend trip.)
**Aren't all of these beautiful pictures lovely-- ohhh wait- Shad erased them from my camera because he didn't want anyone to see his poison ivy!!