Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Abby's New Tricks

I thought I should update on some of you on Abby's new tricks. She says many new words including her famous "hi", more, please, outside (owww), puppy (puppa), baby, ball, and a few others. She can also do signs for most of those words. She can walk and run well and throw a ball. She feeds herself finger foods and has started attempting with a fork and spoon. Her newest trick.... TAKING HER DIAPER OFF and most likely eating the pooh while smearing it everywhere. She now will ALWAYS have on something that snaps.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter 2008

Whew!!! Easter was a whirlwind- What great memories from Abby's second Easter. We began celebrating Christ resurection early. The Boerger's had us all over for hot dogs and a little hunt on the Saturday before. Here a few pictures.... (my camera took mostly blurry pictures but this is what I got). The Boergers, Alexanders, and Lyles were all there for the fun event.

After the hunt we met up with Shad's parents and had dinner. This is Abby's Easter Dress (well one of them).

On Sunday we went to church and then drove to Van and Kathy's (My extended family's in Celina). We enjoyed the company and delicious feast. Abby especially enjoyed playing with Madison (my cousins daughter). A lot of our family was missing but it was still great fun.(Note: Aunt Kathy gave the girls Easter suckers from New York- this is the most sugar either has EVER had- needless to say they really enjoyed it!!!

Tarelton Baseball

I am so proud of my little brother. He has played baseball since he could barely hold a ball. Now he lives and breaths it. Right now he is showing of his skills playing for the Tarelton Texans. Wenesday a huge chunk of my extended family all went to watch him. He did a great job and was 4 for 5. Just recently he tied a school record twice in the same day for hits. Abby loved the game! She clapped and yelled and played the whole time. She fell asleep before she got to see Uncle H . Heath was recently named Hitter of the week.... check out this cool article- about my brother!!

Here is Abby enjoying the game.