Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas #1

Christmas #1 of 2009 was fun. It was a busy weekend with Coop's party and finishing up school stuff, as well the fact that we are just busy peopole. The Nichols bunch (Nani and Gene Pop's family) all gathered at my mom's house. We ate yummy mexican food, had a gift exchange and just hung out. The kids put a new spin on things and are making it so fun. I love to watch them play. Abby loves to play with them. Since her 1st cousins live in another hemisphere, it is nice to have 2nd/3rd cousins around sometimes. All but 3 of the whole crew were there (minus Nani and Gene Pop who I am sure peeked down on the craziness).
The Herron/Pennington Bunch
Ethan and Cooper-- check out Coop's expression---
"The girls" only 2 girls out of 9 cousins.

Our tradition is a stair step pictrue. We have one every year since we were tiny. Age does not factor in anymore and the old ones are moving toward the shorter end. Every year the boys fight and measure to see who moves. Several years ago we started holding legs... not exactly sure where that all came from (possibly Gene Pop's prostetic leg). We are wierd- I know. This year the order was- Cade, Connor, Trent, Zack, Seth, Bart, Heath, Haley, Camryn.
The great grandkids (9 in all minus Reese who was sick) performed for us. It was hillarious becasue we could see the personalities of the parents coming out. Our kids act just like we did when we did all this stuff when we were young. Abby is a ham and I can't begin to imagine where she gets it. They sang, did finger plays, and read the Christmas story. Video to come- it was cute.

Abby and Madison- only 4 months apart.

More of the performance.

Cooper's favorite passtime-- eating.

Random December Stuff

Maybe not in December but close-- Abby and I went to the A&M/Baylor game with Emily. This was the first time that Abby got to "experience" Aggieland. We had a great time with Emily. Abby stayed with Sean and Mindy (thank you) during the game. We then took Abbs picture all around campus and then, I erased my whole camera!!! UGH!! These pics are compliments Mindy's facebook. These pics are of exhausted Abby, Yell Practice after the game, and a few around campus.

Gingerbread house making....

Can you say=-- sassy?

December has been super cold. One of these cold evenings we joined the Richardsons at a friend's church for a hayride. We went inside for some hot chocolate and cookies. Lets just say that the church will never be the same after the boys and Abby got a hold of it.