Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cooper is ONE!!

Cooper is one. How did this happen? I am not sure where the last year has gone. We celebrated Coop's 1st Bday this year with John Deere theme. It was really fun. Tons of friends and families joined us at Dennis and Cindy's. The kids enjoyed the "playroom" upstairs witha bounce house toys and everyone had a great time.
Here are some pictures of t he day (they are in reverse order but you get the idea).
Here is Coop and Grandpa.

Coop and (Great) Grandaddy

4 Generations

Coop got tons of fun toys and a really cool book that our friends made with an abc's of things and people that we know. His favorite present has continued to be his bike. He LOVES it.

We took all the kids pictures in this cut out- some of them were cute and some of them wouldn't cooperate - like big sister!

Here he is "eating" his cake. He wasn't a huge fan of it and insisted on using a fork. But it was his first cake.

Cooper and Will- I forsee trouble from these two.

Candie turned "25" the day after Coop. Here are the two Bday Kids ....

Some of the Decorations