Thursday, December 20, 2007

Abby's First Boyfriend

We got to see the Words and the Neals this week and had a blast. Here is a picture of two of the cutest kids on the planet!!

The Modeling Debut

Left to Right: Abby, Elizabeth, Cathryn, Reese
Here are the 4 gals all born together and forced to be best friends. :) The photo shoot was a blast!

Who does Abby look like?

Who does Abby look like?
Haley? (This is a picture of me and Grandaddy when I was a wee bit older but I see Abby make this exact expression sometimes.)
or Shad??

A chapter closes

Reese and Abby about 9 months old.
Downtown Fort Worth- Shad and Andy were so very excited about posing by the tree.

The gals at our last "outing" as a group-- remember girls- just wait until we are 50!
The DeHarts have a special place in our hearts. We joke that we started our families together, but the truth is we did. Meghan and I went through many things together and walked down several of the same roads in our lives. We got pregnant around the same time and enjoyed pregnant talk for nine months and now enjoy mommy talk. Even though they are far away, we will cherish the fun memories we have and stay in contact. Here are some pics of us "fellowshiping" before they left.

Christmas Pictures 2007

Here are a few shots from Abby's 9 Month old Pictures.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


One of our favorite get aways is my uncle's cabin on the Brazos River. This weekend the Lentz and the DeHarts joined in the fun and relaxation. We left Friday after school and all stopped at Albertson's in Cleburne for some shopping which was a hoot. You should have seen all of us rushing through there with a cart each. It was quite a site. When we finally got there we unpacked and made a pretty delicious meal. (steak/potato). The boys decided to play FIFA (new story of our lives) and the girls all hopped into the big bed and "watched" a movie. (fell asleep). On Saturday morning we woke up early and set out on the porch for a while to relax and then made breakfast fit for kings. After breakfast the boys decided to go shoot some guns. Steven shot a crow on the first shot. The girls had a ton of fun watching the boys be boys. The guys also tried out the potato cannon, which was built over a year ago and is just now being used. The girls relaxed some more and watched movies. Reese and Abby had fun at their first sleep over. I think a good time was enjoyed by all!
Here are the two little ones in their PJ's.

Where is Krisite?

The boys pretty much were "hunting" or playing FIFA.

The Potato Cannon (Did I mention that even after the build up that it didn't work quite right. It just made a loud sound?)

Meeting Santa

First let me begin by saying--- pictures with Santa are VERY expensive! (good thing they will let you use your own camera!) Abby was a trooper. We dragged the poor thing to a picture sitting on Wednesday afternoon and the proceeded to take her to Hulen Mall to meet Santa. She was her usual happy self. Not a bit scared. She smiled and acted very curious. We were so proud.

First Haircut

Well the bangs have gotten a bit to long and scraggly. We decided it was time for a hair cut. Mom tried to do it herself but decided better of it due to the fact Abby likes to move so much. So.... we went to Cool Cuts for kids and Abby did GREAT!!! She enjoyed the whole experience. Her hair looks so much better now and the process was fun. Here are some before and after pictures.

First Thanksgiving

This year was once again a whirlwind of activity for our little Pennington family. We started gathering with the Herron clan on the night before at Great Grandmother and Grandaddy's. Abby of course entertained with all of her new tricks. Turkey day was spent at Great, Great Aunt Lynda's with the entire Renoylds/Nichols clan. What a ball!! A few people were missing this year but the whole gang enjoyed each other and some delicious food. The rest of the weekend was spent at Honey and Buzz's house with Uncle H. Abby did not like sleeping in the pack and play very well so it was a LONG weekend but a great one. On Saturday we headed to OKC and spent time with our new cousin/niece Chloe. On Sunday we gave thanks again with the Pennington's at Mama and PaPa's house. What a blessing to have so many people to celebrate with. Let's just hope Abby becomes a better traveler before Christmas. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The X-Box Cake

Shad and Steven decided to enter a cake into the contest at church. It was hilarious. Kristie and I got a huge kick out of their planning and cooking. They were very gungho about the whole thing. On Sunday- at the last moment they did get a bit stressed but it was all worth it. They won best design and had a ton of fun. Here is how it turned out.

Donors Choose

For those of you who are generous check out this AWESOME site...

Friday, November 2, 2007

First Halloween

The Zebra visited two trunk or treat events this year. She was very excited about the whole experience and looked darn cute. (I am bias, I know). We saw many other cuties as well and had a blast. We skipped the candy this year but she is already excited about next Halloween. :)

Playtime at the Park

Here is the Drew-man!
And the other "mans"
(Yeah-it was hard to get a picture of all of the kiddos)
The bully!
This is her face after the bully Abby attacked her!

When did she get so big?

Wowzers! She is getting so big- where have seven months gone.