Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Pictures

"I do it self" translation: Mom I don't need you anymore :(

Playdate with "Riyah"

Little People Park

My favorite new phrase "it otay dude, it otay"

Sweet sister-

See-- no smiles (we must have drugged them)

And I quote "Otay hunnee"

Abby let me "scrunch" her hair and it was adorable but she refused to smile.

Stockshow Take 1

My dad called, last minute Friday afternoon and said he had passes to the stock show so we loaded up really fast and headed down there. Abby was in Heaven she loved it. Cooper was a trooper. (He even stayed awake most of the time).
When we got there our first stop was the pony rides. Abby was a champ- not the least bit scared and suprise, suprise picked the pony with a pink mane and tale. She had a blast and screamed bloody murder when she figured out it was time to leave.
We moved on to the petting zoo and other exhibits. I think her favorite thing was watching her in her boots and hat as well as her obsession with the tractors. In he exhibition hall there are tons of tractors for sell and Abby thought they were hers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shad's Amendment for Farthest Traveling Visitor

Actually I would have to say that award would go to Brian, Jenn, Jordan, and Trevor, having come all the way in from Costa Rica (even if for Dad's Surgery). I will say though we did have a Grand Ole' Time with Sean and Mindy. I do my best to keep this woman straight.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have 9 first cousins on my mom's side. Growing up we got together A LOT! Our family was closer than other famlies I knew/know. (Mostly because of Nani's determination). Over the years we have all grown up and aren't able to get together as much but always have fun when we do. (Especially now that the oldest 5 of us are married and have kiddos.) During the holidays we do get to see each other more but this year just the cousins (not the aunts and uncles) got together before the college guys returned to school. (Everyone got to come except the oldest- Bart and his family because they were skiing). Here are some pics of the night- none of which are quality but they do document the evening. The adults mostly ate and played WII while the kiddos ate.

Ethan (cousin Zack's son) also celebrated his 3rd b-day. It was so fun to go and play. They had the party at a very neat place in Denton called Heros. It was a fantabulous place to have a party and Abby enjoyed herself very much! (Both pics I have of the birthday boy are blurry- he is a mover so that is probaly why :()

Christmas with Chloe

Our last and final Christmas celebration was with Chloe, Todd, Courtney, Dennis and Cindy. Abby and Chloe had a blast playing together (they are only 5 months apart). Abby loved getting more "prizes" and giving them as well. We wish that the whole family could have all gotten together but it was good that we did get to see everyone even if it wasn't at the same time. Abby received a bike (a real bike) from Dennis and Cindy. She hasn't actually mastered peddling herself yet but she loves to sit on it and be pushed.

Playing Stay at Home Mommy

I still have around 8 weeks left of maternity leave (wow how it has flown). I am enjoying it so very much! We are having such a blast playing with our very social friends. I am also trying to be quite productive at cleaning out junk and getting our lives more organized. It is not exactly clear to me how I am going to be able to do all of this and work 40 hours a week but we will see....

Here are some pics of us playing...... (only some of these are exactly recent but they are all of the playmates we have been playing with-- hehe!)