Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

This week began in a sad way (Gene Pop's passing on top of the many other stresses in our lives) but ended on an upbeat great reminder of our risen Lord and good reminder of are awesome family. Friday night we got to spend some good time with friends at a dinner for 6 and see Shad's grandparents who had come into town. On Saturday morning we had a great time at our church Easter Egg Hunt.

Abby had a blast. There were Tof eggs and not a huge amount of kids. The little ones took quite sometime finding all the eggs, but enjoyed it none the less. Cooper had a great time too!

After the hunt we headed back to Dennis and Cindy's for a delicious lunch to celebrate Easter and Shad's birthday. We were stuffed and enjoyed naps afterward. On Sunday we went to lunch at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Van's. (Yes, we missed church on the highest attendance Sunday, but we did have a good sermon in the car. )

The whole crew was there minus my oldest cousin and his family. We ate a HUGE meal and then enjoyed watching the Easter Egg hunt. Finally the kids are big enough for the fun again. (It has been a few years since we have had anything competitive like the old days). It wasn't competitive but the kids LOVED it. Abby took away more candy than would ever be possible to eat. Camryn and Connor did a great job stuffing the eggs and hiding them. Abby's basket got too full very early on so Shad and Heath helped her with their pockets. The kids had fun opening all of their eggs but were sad when we limited the candy they could eat. (Abby even hid a piece of candy under her dress and tried to open it!!)

I just love when the whole Reynolds/Nichols clan gets together. Now that there are little kids again it is even more fun. We missed Gene Pop, but I am confident that he and Nani were both looking down enjoying our celebration of Easter. After all of those festivites we went to visit Grandaddy. We watched the end of the Masters Golf Tourney and then ate some pizza. We missed Grandmother being there but she is celebrating EAster better than any of us with Jesus. Doesn't Coop look big?

(Thanks Mindy Lou for the adorable bunny outfit!)