Saturday, March 22, 2008

DC Trip Part 4

We were blessed enough to spend the night with Andy's uncle and aunt outside of DC. When we all woke up we headed back into town. It was a big day. We got to tour the Whitehouse and see some really cool stuff there. We then walked about a million miles and made it to the Capitol building. Along the way we got to run away from a war protest and see a lot of interesting people. After resting a bit at the Capitol we ventured into one of the other Smithsonian Museums (air and space). Meghan and I found Dr. Pepper (which was hard to do) and were loving it. We then found our way to the metro (which is what adults do and we are adults- right Andy?) and rode it back to where we had parked our cars. Andy's Uncle and Aunt then took us out to eat for some yummy crab cakes at a Mediterranean restaurant. We collapsed after our full day. The next day we got up, went to breakfast and headed out of town.

DC Trip Part Three

After our trip to Richmond, we returned to our hotel and slept. The next morning we met up with Meghan, Andy and Reese near the Pentagon. We rode the metro around for a while and ended up at the national zoo. The girls were not overly impressed. They mostly ate and slept.

We did A LOT of walking. There weren't very many animals out for us to see but it was so wonderful fellowshiping with our good friends. It was really cute to see the girls interact. Reese has grown so much.

Friday, March 21, 2008

DC Trip Part Two

After a restful evening we woke up and headed south to Richmond, Virginia. The "Penn-B's" are staying at the ILC before they head off to language school in Costa Rica. It was great to see what they have been talking about for the past few weeks and be able to experience some of their life there. One of the neat things we got to do was experience cultrual worship with them. (Southeast Asia style). We spent most of the day just hanging out and playing. Jenn and I got ice cream and ate Mexican food so we were happy. :) We can't wait to see them again before they leave for Costa Rica.

DC Trip Part One

Our trip began by flying to Washington DC and meeting up with Brian, Jenn, Jord and Trev. It was so great to see them! We miss them constonantly and couldn't wait to spend time with them. Our short time with them was packed full and wondeful. After we met up with them we hopped on the metro and visited the Smithsonian. We saw a lot of neat things and had fung watching the boys experience all the fun. Here is a picture of Jordan looking at some butterflies.

Abby was totally wiped out but she still had fun.

After we visited a some of the musuem, we ventrued out into the mall and did some sightseeing of the surrounding monuments.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

DC Trip

Well- we just returned from our first official family vacation to Washington DC. Our trip was exhausting but extremely wonderful. The two highlights were getting to see Brian, Jenn, and the boys as well as the DeHarts. Here are a few pictures of Abby on her first plane ride and at the airport.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Indoor Recess

Here are a few fun pics from the playplace at Hulen Mall. Abby loves anywhere that she can run free. She enjoys being around people, and especially kids. We met some friends and took some pictures but in pictures of more than one person noone was looking at the camera:(

Home Depot

I think that Home Depot is now one of Abby's favorite hang outs. She was beyond friendly to all of the workers with her famous "hi". She really enjoyed pulling petals off of flowers as well.

She's One ????

Where did the past year go? Abby is officially one year old now. Our life has been blessed in so many ways by our little princess. We can't imagine life without her. Here are a few pictures of her since Christmas. (I have been bad about updating the blog- sorry).

And there was cake....

Abby LOVED hear first cupcake.

Abby's First Birthday Party

Whew! What a night! We had great fun celebrating Abby turning one. We had friends and family over to celebrate. What a blessing! The guest included..... Honey, Buzz, Great Grandmother and Grandaddy, Great, Great Aunt Jean, the Boerger family, the Skipper family, the Alexander family, and Emily. Here are a few pics of the fun.