Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long Overdue Haircut



Cooper Update

We went for Coop's 2 month check up and all is well. Dr. Senevey said he couldn't be healthier. He went from the 30th% to the 75th% in weight and remained 75% in height. He is filling out but is not near as chunky as Abby was. He is doing well sleeping through the night for the first part and smiling like crazy. He is strong and enjoys holding his head up all the time. He is rolling over sometimes (especially when he is mad). He is precious!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Playing with Friends

I am so blessed to still be off on maternity leave. The kids and I are having a blast playing with our friends. Here are just a few pictures of what eats up a lot of our time.

Big Church

Abby (and all the other kids at Meadowridge) joined us in "Big Church" last Sunday. It was crazy and great all at the same time. I love that she was able to see worship like that. She enjoyed clapping and yelling at "Stevie" singing on stage. It was hard for her to keep still during the sermon. The best part of the service was Randal announcing that our church family is COMPLETELY DEBT FREE! God is good.

Disclaimer: I know it was silly of me to take pictures during church..... I couldn't resist.

Valentine's Party

Samantha was so sweet to host a Valentine Party. It was blast. Abby had so much fun making cards for her friends and passing them out. We played in their fabulous backyard and ate tons of Valentine goodies. It was a great day.

Cooper enjoyed the party as well.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I want to Remember

(A friend did this on her blog and I thought-- wow! I need to do that too- good idea Stacey! :))

Abby is at such a fun age and there is so much I want to bottle up and make sure I remember. Her sweet little voice melts my heart. She absorbs everything and is learning so much. Here are some of my favorites...
* Buzz taught her to tell stories. When we tell her to tell us a story she finds a place to sit down and gets the most adorable look on her face before she begins. Then she says... "One tiiiiiiiiiime.... Abby....." What follows is a string of short broken sentences about herself and people around her usually going to the stock show or the zoo and what they saw there. Her imagination is phenomenal. She really does come up with logical stories and it is precious.
* Just a few days ago she started covering her eyes and counting and the saying "8,9,10,11, 8, 9,10,11, wed or not, I come" =8,9,10,11 ready or not, here I come. We aren't sure where she learned to play hide and seek but she did. She claims Drew and Elyjah taught her "feeze tag"= freeze tag and she runs around touching people and yelling feeze tag but she doesn't understand the whole concept.
*When Cooper is crying she starts yelling "comin' dude" and tries to help me comfort him. She is a great big sister! She tells me he is "hungee"=hungry. She also says "hewo bub"= hello bub every morning, followed by a kiss.
*She loves to ride her "bi-s-cycle" even though she can't figure out how to pedal.
*When we are driving Abby tells me which way to turn and screams if I go what she thinks is the wrong way. She constantly tells me- "watch out mommy.... cars comin" and "Abby safe" meaning she is buckled correctly.
*She is doing phenomenal at potty training. She tries to do it "self" =by herself. We are still working on the pooh but she has mastered the teetee.
*She recognizes her name and each letter in it. She also knows H, O, P, and Z. Sometimes she knows other letters but her favorite is O. She is confident with all of her shapes including triangle, heart, start, kite=diamond, circle and square. I am amazed at how bright she is. She constantly amazes us.
* Clifford is her favorite show and when she sees it is almost over she begins saying "mo Cifferd comin dad"- meaning she wants more.
*She loves to point out the obvious- "Fido baaarrrkin" = Theo is barking, "Lissen mommeee, musik"= listen mommy music, "mess"= I made a mess
*Abby remembers eveyone we meet. She talks about her friends constantly. Some of her favorites are Stevie and Kriddy= Steven and Kristie, E-B and Nonathan= Elizabeth and Jonathan, Naren and Bevany= Lauren and Bethany, Canny, JOOOda, and lysomething- Candie, Judah, and Elyjah, Tina, Dew and Cat Cat- Kristina, Drew, and Cathryn. She says other names really funny too like cousin Madison was Shauna forever. She talks about Dordy and Vevor= Jordy and Trevor like they are here all the time (which I wish they were but she hasn't seen them in over a month). She can name everyone in her Sunday School class and notices when they aren't there. She told us just this Sunday "no Bayden der"- Brayden wasn't at church. Every night we pray for our friends and family and she list them all by herself. It is precious. She LOVES people.
*She loves to sing- sort of. She isn't the greatest at it but loves silly songs and yells "funneee!!" She sings to Cooper often and rocks her babies in her rocker while she sings "wok abye Cooper, tree, fall, etc" = rock a bye Cooper....."
*She is obsessed with animals, what they eat, and sounds they make
*She demands picking out her clothes already- we are in for it! We have to be creative about letting her "choose".

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gene Pop's bday

Gene Pop had a birthday on January 25th so all of the Nichols bunch gathered at Van and Kathy's to celebrate. It was really fun. Here is a picture of all of Gene Pop's great grandchildren-- not so easy to get a picture of.

Random Pictures

The kids and Gene Pop were especially excited about the cake....

Here are Reid and Abby playing on the stairs. My aunt Kathy saved many of my cousins toys from when they are little and the kids love going upstairs to play with them.