Monday, July 6, 2009


We had a great 4th this year. We joined a bunch of our friends to celebrate. We all headed down to Dinosaur Valley State Park and played in the water after naps. After the river we cleaned up and headed to Grandbury for awesome fireworks. The kids had a BLAST! Abby loved the fireworks and as always loved the river.

Trip to Honey's

We spent the tail end of this week in Celina and had fun relaxing and playing. We had a special treat too! We went to visit TIO at the Firestation. It was great!! The kids (the Richardson's came and met us) loved it! Tio was so gracious to explain everything and let the kids play. The other firefighters were so kind.

Here is the truck pulling off to a call.

We visited a little splash park in McKinney before going to the station.