Sunday, June 22, 2008


I (Haley) am blessed with many cousins. On Saturday several of us all hung out. The highlight for Abby was of course the swimming but also hanging out with Madison. (my cousin's daughter who is 12 months old). They had a ball. They were very sweet and played well together, except for the lack of knowing how to share. Abby had a blast in the pool and sand box but really enjoyed crawling back and forth through the doggie door.

Playing with buddies

Abby is very social and loves playing with her pals. Here are a few shots.

Abby in the Water

Abby LOVES water. She doesn't care if it is the bath, a kiddie pool, a big pool or even sprinklers. Here are a few pics of her loving it!
Here she is in Dallas playing in the most fun "sprinkler" you have ever see.
This is the backyard. She loves swimming with Mia. Mom is especially proud when she drinks the water like Mia. (YIKES)


Thank you for praying for our family during this time. Grandmother has gone home. She passed away last Saturday (the 14th) after a difficult but relatively short significant battle with brain cancer. Thank you for all of the love that you showered on our family during this time. Keep praying for all of us but especially grandaddy as we learn life without her.