Thursday, October 29, 2009

Horse or Princess

I wanted Abby to be a My Little Pony for Halloween this year. She has other plans. She wants to be a princess from her dress up box. I guess we are already choosing our battles. She refuses to let me fix her hair or put on a crown. She has fun dressing up though so whatever I guess. Here are some pics of our trial run from the fall festival at Meadowridge Cooper was the most adorable zebra (hand me down from sis). He looked just like her!

Abby refused to turn around for this pic.


Todd and Courtney came down for a visit last weekend and we had a blast. Abby loved playing with Chloe (CWOOEE). They became quite fond of each other and Abby still says "Is CWOOEE gunna be der" anytime we go anywhere. I wish they would move here so the gals could play more. : )
Saturday we took an impromptu trip to a Pumpkin Patch. I would have prepared and dressed the kids cuter for the great pics but we went on a whim and had a great time.

There is a huge slide and go carts for the kids as well as they hayride, pumpkins, a HUGE tree house and mazes galore.

So that the other adults could enjoy the TX/OU game- Cindy and I took the kids to the park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Shad was so upset to find that the only gear Abby has is all A&M (which I am quite proud of). In support of beating Texas I gave in and let her sport some "tattoos" for OU. She loved them but refused to pose for a pic.


Cousins playing-- we really missed the boys this weekend. It just didn't feel complete without them.

A Few Updates

Our little guy is growing so much. I am amazed that Cooper will be a year old so soon ( a little over a month). Where has this year gone? He is so close to walking but still likes you to hold his hands- cruising everywhere, babbling like crazy, and smiling to melt your heart. He has learned mama and dada. Most other words he says AAAAAAAAAAAA (which Abby swears is him saying her name.) He almost uses the baby sign for more but mostly just claps. He can wave and enjoys wrestling with his big sister already. We love how laid back he is except when he is hungry).

We are having a blast with Abby also. Her vocabulary never stops growing. She is so keen to everything we say and picks up on things faster than I ever imagined. She loves to go "besploring" (exploring) and is very social. She starts "school" on Tuesday and is very excited about it. For several weeks she has been going to "Honey's school" on Thursdays and here is a picture of her with her teacher.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing with Friends

These are some random pics I "stole" from being tagged on facebook.....

Abby... can you say NERD

Story about the photo below.... Abby was using the potty and heard someone say "say cheese" and came running to butt her way into the pic. What a ham.

Future Prediction?

Check out this hairdo on Abby...

Notice here the mess of a room. Messes mean fun right. Elyjah's daddy is so proud of his pink boots and love of dress up. :)