Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today the whole Herron clan gathered and took A LOT of pictures for memory's sake. Here is what we ended up with. :)

4 generations Great Grandmother The Herron Boys

Originals Grandkids Great Grandaddy

Everybody The Girls

Just Fun G&G Abby

Okay Prayer Warriors. Get on your knees. My Grandmother was just diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Here is a definition for the specific kind you have. Notice that the outlook is grim. She has opted for surgery but that in itself is quite dangerous. She is active and overall healthy and lives fully for the Lord and her family. Pray for wisdom, good doctors, steady hands, peace, strength and especially for my Grandaddy. They (we) trust God completely but covet your prayers.

Uncle H

My brother Heath is man of few words- very few words. He and Abby share a special bond that doesn't need those words. Abby calls him H and has been able to say "h" for a while now. It is simply precious to watch them play together. Abby loving yells Babll (baseball) whenever she sees H or sees baseball on TV. (Did I mention that Heath got ALL Conference for Tarelton and ended his career with a batting average over 400.) Here are a few pics of them playing together.

(Heath also refuses to smile in pictures. :))

Ranger's Game

Steven and Kristie invited us to a wonderful date night to watch the Astros and Rangers duke it out. Good ol Rangers killed the Astros and it was a funtime had by all.

Shad and Steven were more blown away by the Cowboys stadium next door than anything else.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Penn Bs

Brian, Jenn, Jord, and Trev were here for a whirlwind week before their adventure in Costa Rica began. We were blessed in so many ways while they were here. We were reminded how much we love and miss them but also reminded of their call and the amazing impact they are going to have. Here are a few of the highlights of the trip. My favorite was that Abby started saying "Jordy". She still sees their picture and says Jordy. It melts my heart. Trevor also was baptized and it was so special that we got to share in the experience. (Our pictures didn't turn out but we do have videos). :(
We ate dinner together every night (mostly at Grandma and Grandpas)and had plenty of time to get ice cream (a Haley and Jenn unspoken rule always). Jenn and I got some good girly time with massages and facials. What fun!! Brian and Shad played some bball at Wedgwood just like old times.
One afternoon in the midst of packing I stole the boys away and we made a quick trip to the duck pond. Abby loves playing with her big cousins.
She thinks they hung the moon.
While they were here we also got the special privlage of spending time with the fourth cousin Chloe and Aunt Courtney and Uncle Todd. We took a huge Pennington family picture that I will post as soon as I scan it.
I think Abby enjoyed the time more than anyone. She was exhausted all week.
I wish I had documented better with pictures but I kept forgetting my camera. All I do know is that we had so much fun and we can't wait to go visit them this summer. Keep up with Brian and Jenn at