Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekend with Honey and Buzz

Honey and Buzz were here to help with the nursery and play with Abby. Of course they did everything they could to entertain their favorite grandaughter. Here are a few pics of when they went hunting for he-hes in Cleburne. They didn't see the horses they went to find but they had fun at the park with the ducks.

We did find some horses later that night- in a parking lot no less- but Abby did get to ride and LOVED it!!

Here is how Honey entertained Abby at Home Depot while we gathered supplies for the nursery.

Fairy Tale Feast

First Grade Teachers definitely have the most fun. Every year after our fairy tale unit we have a fairy tale feast. The kids dress up
like their favorite fairy tale character and we (the teachers) dress up like fairies. We look ridiculous (especially the one in pink with a great big bump in the middle of the belly) but we have fun and the kids love it. This year, two of our six were weenies but here are the four of us to represented. :)

Shad and Chief

Just about every Tuesday I come home to Shad and Chief (Abby's nickname for Steven, sort of) playing FIFA. They actually rearrange the whole living room to fit their game playing. It makes me laugh everytime.