Saturday, December 27, 2008


While watching Clifford with Honey one day, Abby learned about camping and did not stop talking about it. So Honey, being the Honey she is, went to Target and bought all of the necessities that an almost 2 year old needs to go camping. One night she and Buzz took Abby camping at their Crowley house (It was a bit chilly outside). Abby had a blast- (I think Honey and Buzz enjoyed it more though).

Random Coop Pics

Talk about a good baby.... Cooper is the best! He hardly fusses and if he does it is because he has a dirty diaper. He seems so laid back. He has given us a few scares because he has decided that he is already ready to roll over. He sleeps ALL of the time and loves to cuddle. We couldn't ask for anything better. God has given us another amazing blessing.
Buzz and his favorite grandson....

One of the few awake pics...

Big sis loves him!

Great Grandaddy Jack

Uncle H is a huge fan.

He did not enjoy his first bath but his tiny cry was still precious.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas looked very diffrent this year. Due to my c-section and a 5 day old baby- we didn't do anything our "traditional way". (Round 1 was actually a week or so ago with the Nichols (see below) but as for the week of Christmas, here goes.

Abby began her crazy Christmas week with a visit to Santa. Honey and Buzz had to take her this year due to mom's recovery from the surgery. She loved it and especially loved playing in a car while they waited in line for 2 hours...

Round 1- Since the Penn Bs had to return to Costa Rica we opened presents with them before they left instead of mailing them. It was great fun to actually watch them open everything. Abby had fun opening a few of her own.

Due to the last minute of this and the craziness of the week..our fancy Christmas dinner was.... chicken nuggets, fries, and Logan's rolls--- hey you do what you can.....

The most exciting present of the evening was the Wii for the boys. They were super excited.

Round 2-Abby did get to go though with Buzz and Honey to my Great Uncle Roberts to celebrate with my extended family. She had a blast. Shad, Cooper and I hung out at home but the Abbster had a blast- she was exhausted though.

Here she is opening some presents with her cousin Ethan and a picture of Gene Pop and Heath.

Round 3- Christmas morning Shad, Abby, Coop and I celebrated for the first time as our own little family unit. We read the Christmas story and tried to talk with Abby of the meaning of Christmas but in her 21month old mind she could only concentrate on what was under the tree. Santa was very good to us this year. I do have pictures of this but they are on the video camera and I am still learning how to upload those, you will just have to trust me for now that it was cute. Abby ohhed and awed over her presents and we had fun watching her. She loved opening her "prizes".

Round 4- Honey, Buzz, and H came over for lunch and more "prizes". We all exchanged gifts and the highlight of Abbys day was opening her kitchen.... She played with it ALL afternoon and is still playing with it. She has quite an imagination and shops for her food and then brings it to us to sample. It is so fun!!

Round 5- The Herron clan celebrated at our house this year. We thougth a change of scenery might make the heartache of our first Christmas without Grandmother easier for everyone, plus it was easier on me to not have to travel. So, for dinner (which my mom cooked and was very low stress for me:)) Tio, Amy, Katie, Matthew, and Grandaddy joined the rest of us. This year for Christmas we all pitched in to help a family in need for their bills and Christmas presents so there weren't too many for us to open but Grandaddy made sure that Cooper and Abby had something to open. We also played a white elephant exchange which was fun and a good change of pace. (Usually after this the Inge's part of the family and Aunt Jean come to join us but this year was diffrent so we didn't get to see them).
Isn't Grandaddy so cute... here he is telling us about the "stuff" (mascara) that he found in Grandmother's drawer and used to darken his eyebrows.
Round 6 and 7 are still to come with the Pennington side of the family. Everything is out of the ordinary because of the extrodinary circumstances of the past two weeks. Praise the Lord that we have made it through and it is all due to his grace and peace. What a Christmas to remember.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

That's a picture we didn't think we would have....

In the midst of all of the craziness from the past week and the immense blessings that came, another huge blessing got to us. Due to Dennis surgery the Penn-Bs got to fly home. It was so special to simply spend time with them but even more special that they were here when Cooper was born. We wish they didn't have to leave but it was so nice while they were here.

Here are just some random pics from the week. Abby LOVED playing with the boys!!


Talk about tears....

Grandmother didn't get to meet Cooper but she left something very special. When Grandaddy met Cooper he brought with him a card and a blanket. Grandaddy wrote....

Hi Cooper-
Great Grandmother Radean went to see Jesus a few months before you got here so she made this blanket with lots of Love and Kisses just for you. She would have been very proud of you. Love Great Grandaddy Jack

She always made very special blankets for special occasions. She gave her grandkids baby blankets, Shad and I wedding blankets, Abby her baby blanket and everything else in between. She was known for her great detail in crocheting. I feel so blessed that she had enough forethought to make one for Coop. She passed away about a month after we found out that we were pregnant.

The Gaggle

To celebrate Christmas this year the gaggle decided we would all go to Simply Fondue. It was very fun!! Here we are before....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cooper's Arrival

December 18, 2008 8:05AM 8lbs 0oz. 21 in (and he was early!)
It has been quite a week!! We began with the arrival of the PennB's- wahoo and got to spend some great time with them. Dennis' brain surgery was on Tuesday (which went GREAT-praise the Lord). He is doing very well. Wednesday was full of hustle and bustle and after visits to the hospital etc, we went to eat with Brian, Jenn, Jordan, Trevor and Heath at Chili's. A bit into dinner I got sick and started feeling not quite right. (Remember that I had a C-section scheduled the next morning at 7:30.) Shad and Jenn talked me into going to the hospital even though I refused to admit that I was having contractions. They weren't terrible but I am glad that we went. About 10:00 they admitted us and monitored Cooper. The contractions weren't terrible but they did increase throughout the night. Around 3:00 am we discussed an epidural but went with some oral pain meds and followed through with the c-section at 7:30 so that Dr. Alexis would be the one to do it. I was awake and remember WAY more than I did with Abby. The whole experience was calm and went well. We had TONS of visitors and were blessed so much. He is an amazing little guy who mostly sleeps.

Big Sister is VERY proud of him and doesn't seem to be jealous at this point. She wants him to eat all the time and often tries to share with him.

(Abby called his bed Cooper's wagon and we all got a kick out of it)

Some Visitors (still downloading some others)